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The Sparrow's Tears Saga is the Epic Love Story of our Time, a fantastic thrill-ride packed full of breathtaking high adventure that keeps readers guessing, and leaves them cheering and feeling good that right cannot be defeated, and real love lasts forever.


Bernard Cenney retired from the United States Army as a Lt Colonel after more than twenty-eight years in uniform. He considers it a privilege to have served his country throughout numerous command and staff assignments the world over. He and his wife Kongsri currently live in Texas.

Excerpt from Timeless Embrace:  

Ulka considered her situation. She had been viciously raped a couple days ago by a sadistic Chinese Admiral and had barely gotten away with her life.  And now here she was going to be interrogated by an American soldier. 

It can't be any worse than what I already went through, she thought. 

"I could just scream," said Ulka, testing Ross. 

Ross responded coldly.  "Then I'll put a bullet in your brain and get my French onion soup to go." 

Bernard Cenney



Get in touch to discover more writings by Bernard Cenney and to follow the further literary adventures of James Ross and Lin Sparrow.

Bernard Cenney

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